Why Whickham Sixth – Student Voice


Whickham Sixth form is a place that I and many others are proud to call their sixth form centre. The opportunities are endless, with staff that are particularly motivated to ensure every student has the chance to succeed, whether it be applying to university or via a different route such as apprenticeships. Moreover, subject teachers provide close support and encouragement that is second to none, through their drive and passion to make students succeed. I for one look forward to coming in every day to socialise, learn and develop in such a professional and lively sixth form environment.


The sixth form also caters for a plethora of study, whether it be studying in a study period if you prefer to work alone, or you can ask a teacher or member of staff at the sixth form and they would be more than willing to help. The facilities there further allow you to maximise your study, with a multitude of desks and computers situated across two floors, with a silent study area and a plentiful supply of stationery equipment. There is also a dedicated sixth form catering facility open throughout the day, providing an array of snacks and drinks, hot food and Starbucks coffee. The whole experience of Whickham Sixth Form overall allows you to develop important skills, as well as allowing you to develop into a young adult in a safe, nurturing environment.

Aaron Greally, Head Boy 2020/21


A place where individuality, determination and passion is encouraged, Whickham Sixth Form to me is full of opportunities. From joining the debate club to specialising in three of my favourite subjects to taking part in a collective effort to raise money for our local charities, I have been given so many fantastic opportunities that have built up my character and made my Sixth Form experience even better. The uniqueness of each person is celebrated, through our own personalised timetable that includes individual study sessions, developing your independence and organisation skills. The Sixth Form environment and team provide a supportive, friendly network that allows every student to pursue their own future plans, from applying to university to gaining an apprenticeship. It is a place I am extremely proud to be apart of.


Our A-level teachers are there to support this individuality, catering for both independent learners and more practical, hands on learners. Importantly, our subject teachers enhance our learning as they always come equipped with a passion, a drive for success and joy for the their subject, subsequently creating a very supportive, enjoyable environment for learning. Their eagerness to enhance our knowledge is something that Whickham Sixth form truly accelerates in. This leads to students too sharing a great passion for their chosen subjects, which is seen through our fantastic results over the past couple of years.


Overall, Sixth Form has allowed me to thrive both academically and practically, through the vast opportunities it provides. My journey through Whickham Sixth Form has been memorable; it is something that has shaped me as a person, therefore I would recommend our Sixth Form to every student that wants an education that embraces originality, excitement and prosperity.

Sian Ameer-Beg, Head Girl 2020/21